29 May 2019

Monolith Digital Advantages

Monolith is an advanced internet solutions company that provides enterprises, startups and brands high end development services.
The company tackles any challenge with creativity, knowledge and experience.
After a long period of time where the brand has been evolving, we have came into the conclusion that the old visual language does not represent the company's abilities and status.

From this point we have began a branding process that will reflect the values and uniqueness of the company today.
The strategy process has included Competitor research, Definition of the target audiences, Setting up the Tone Of Voice and company's values, on which eventually we have established the brand logo and visual language.

Design UX/UI Branding Strategy Animation
Mudra Inspire
UX/UI for a campaign landing page
Wearable Devices
Re-Branding & UX/UI for a start up in the wearable technology field
UX/UI for the students’ festival app
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